With the support of the EU, the International Civil Protection Day marked in Čačak

March 21, 2024

Heavy rainfall, flash floods, fires, landslides, as well as technological and technical accidents are increasingly affecting Čačak and the entire Moravica district. Members of the civil protection significantly contribute to improvement of prevention, response, and recovery.

March 1, 2024, Čačak - In case of disasters, preparedness and efficient coordination of all forces in the risk management system is essential for building resilient and safe communities. Under this statement, Čačak marked the International Civil Protection Day.

Thanks to the support of the European Union (EU), the Caritas Serbia and the City of Čačak, on the occasion of the International Civil Protection Day, the 1st of March2024, organized a training for new civil protection commissioners and their deputies. Over 70 commissioners and deputies from Čačak, Gornji Milanovac, Lučani and Ivanjica became familiar with their responsibilities, the role and the significance of civil protection, aiming for better preventive action and response during and after disasters.

To improve the safety of people with disabilities in emergencies, representatives of their associations have been included in the work of the Emergency Headquarters. The Inter-municipal Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired Persons delegated their representatives as commissioners who will focus on the safety of their members and provide them support tailored to their needs in emergencies.  

"I am happy we dedicated this day, special one for the civil protection units, to people from vulnerable categories who face various challenges on a daily basis. I am also proud of the local self-government, which already in 2014 realized it was necessary to form a stable and educated civil protection system. We have improved work in all segments over the past period, both with the help of local self-government and the donors, such as the EU, who recognized the importance of the system and our work in the field," said Bratislav Zečević, Head of the Emergency Headquarter.

Thanks to the support of the EU and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and investing in prevention and quality of response in cases of earthquakes, floods, landslides or fires, local communities in Serbia are better prepared to save more human lives, protect property, and for a quicker recovery from the disaster aftermath.

Jelena Marić Luković, programme analyst at UNDP, stated that Čačak is one of the bright examples of coordination of all forces of the disaster risk reduction system.

"We are pleased we can support the local self-government in various ways, which themself allocate funds and participate in the establishment of a civil protection system. The European Union provided the donation of mobile flood protection systems, which Čačak is increasingly facing, and supported the work of civil protection units through the donation of uniforms and equipment," said Jelena Marić Luković, adding that the training of commissioners and their deputies will contribute to raising the first line responders to a higher level of competence.

A regular and a ceremonial meeting of the Emergency HQ preceded the training, as well as the distribution of tactical kits containing the necessary equipment for evacuating people with disabilities. The key role of civil protection in maintaining community safety is once again confirmed, emphasizing the importance of „leave no one behind“ promise.